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▹  What is the Lightning network?
The Lightning network is a platform built on top of Bitcoin that enables instant transactions with low or no fees.
▹  What are sats?
Sats (short for satoshis) are a denomination of Bitcoin. There are 100,000,000 satoshis in 1 bitcoin. They are named after the Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto.
▹  What is Bitcoin?
▹  What is a Lightning address?
A Lightning address is an easy way to receive Bitcoin over the Lightning network. They look like email addresses but are used for sats!
▹  Which wallets support Lightning addresses?
These wallets provide a Lightning address for you, and support sending to one:
These wallets support sending to Lightning addresses, but do not provide one for you:
▹  What is the difference between a Lightning invoice and a Lightning address?
They are both used to receive Bitcoin over the Lightning network.
However, a Lightning invoice is good for one single use. It typically requires the recipient to set an amount, although some wallet clients do support an unspecified amount. A Lightning invoice also expires after a length of time, with some wallet clients not making it apparent what that time is or how to set it, if possible.
A Lightning address does not have these characteristics. Anyone can send to one at any time, as opposed to asking the recipient for an invoice beforehand every time.  |  |